UMass students 'triggered' at event featuring politically incorrect comics, pundits

An event at the University of Massachusetts headlined by Milo Yiannopoulos, Christina Sommers, and Steven Crowder entitled “The Triggering” seems to have had its intended effect.

An alt-right flamethrower, a woman calling feminism “madness,” and a politically incorrect conservative comedian proved an explosive combination in this college auditorium.

By watching the video at the link below you can see a fine example of a triggered college feminist. Huffing and puffing, yelling unintelligibly, trying desperately to focus the attention back on herself.

“Stop treating us like children,” the red-faced young woman whined, amidst a tantrum that would look familiar to any parent of a toddler — setting up Sommers like an underhand pitch to Barry Bonds.

“Then stop acting like a child.” Sommers drops the mic.

If college liberals want any of their opinions taken seriously, they might want to work on their delivery.

And there was also this pretty epic rant by Steven Crowder to top it off.

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