Timeline of communications in case of Philadelphia woman accused of trying to join IS group

Timeline of some of the communications by Keonna Thomas that were cited in an FBI affidavit accusing the Philadelphia woman of seeking to travel overseas to fight for the Islamic State group. The affidavit also included, in parentheses, FBI explanations and translations of terms used in her communications. The identities of those alleged to be co-conspirators are unclear.



Aug. 18: Reposts on Twitter photo of child wearing firearm magazine pouches, camouflage attire with caption: "Ask yourselves, while this young man is holding magazines for the Islamic state, what are you doing for it? #ISIS."

Dec. 12: Sends electronic communication to known Somalia-based violent jihadi fighter originally from Minnesota (identified as Co-conspirator 1); states she should be "able to travel I should be getting some money soon."

Dec. 13: Advises Co-conspirator 1, "plan to leave the land of kufr (nonbelievers)." Also cautions "(s)peaking here (online) about certain things is not . . . wise."

Dec. 17: Tells Co-conspirator 1: "I have moves to make so I will be spending less time on here ...." Reposts another Twitter user's statement: "'Happiness is the day of my martyrdom' — Sheikh Khalid al Husainan."



Jan. 1: Twitter post: "I see why the mujahideen Sacrifice Dunya (life on earth) for Akhirah (the afterlife) there's no comparison."

Jan. 4: Twitter post: "Only thing I'm jealous of is when I see the smiles of shuhadaa (martyrs)."

Jan. 15: Twitter post: "I want these to be my last words," with photo of text reading: "By the Lord of the Kaaba (a shrine in Mecca) have succeeded."

Jan. 30: Reposts on Twitter photo of individual carrying AK-47 weapon, with text: "Sponsor a Mujahid."

April 10: Posts on Twitter, with images of skull, flames and gun: "I need a permanent vacation that can only mean one thing."

April 27: Twitter post: "I would prefer the shahada (martyrdom) of being in the bodies of green birds." (FBI says this is reference to belief that the souls of martyrs are held in the hearts of green birds.)

June 23: Twitter post: "When you' re a mujahid your death becomes a wedding. #HoorAIAyn (pleasures in paradise)."

Oct. 10: Twitter post: "May Allah Ta Ala (God) give victory to the Muj & destroy the kuffar & munabfiqeen (infidels & hypocrites) Ameen."

Dec. 2: Twitter post: "If we truly knew the realities ....we all would be rushing to join our brothers in the front lines pray ALLAH accept us as shuhada."

Known overseas Islamic State fighter (identified as Co-conspirator 2) sends electronic communication: "i arrived and now going through training. Follow on this account until I get my phone." She responds, "I'm so happy for u."

Dec. 6: Reposts on Twitter photo of child with an AK-47 assault rifle around neck, with statement: "And if I were in Shaam (greater Syria), I wouldn't be pleased till I became soldier of the Islamic State."



Jan. 30: Sends electronic communication to radical Islamic cleric located in Jamaica (identified as Co-conspirator 3): " i don't want to say much here ... as of now im still here in the states but will be leaving soon."

Feb. 4: Applies for U.S. passport.

Feb. 14: Sends electronic communication to co-conspirator 3: "deactivated my twitter till i leave for sham (greater Syria) .... don' t want to draw attention of the kuffar (nonbelievers) and it mess my plans and they take my pass port and i get stuck here." Tells Co-conspirator 3 that she sought help from Co-conspirator 2 regarding "routes" and her "travel plan."

Feb. 17: Co-conspirator 2 sends electronic communication: "U probably want to do Istishadee (martyrdom operations) with me." She responds, "that would be amazing .... a girl can only wish." Co-conspirator 2 responds, "I can make that wish come true."

February, March: Conducts online research into indirect travel routes to Turkey.

March 23: Buys electronic visa, in her own name, for travel to Turkey. (FBI states that an Islamic State group manual recommends that recruits travel to Turkey in order to slip over the border into Syria. It also advises travelers to purchase round-trip tickets to popular vacation spots, specifically suggesting Spain, and to purchase tickets to the final destination once overseas.)

March 25: Researches online "buses from Barcelona to Istanbul."

March 26: Buys airline tickets to fly on March 29 from Philadelphia to Barcelona, returning to U.S. on April 15.

March 27: FBI raids her home, preventing her from leaving country.

April 3: Arrested at her home, ordered held pending an April 8 detention hearing.