This Day in History: Aug. 14

On this day, Aug. 14 ...

2015: The U.S. Embassy in Cuba re-opens after being closed for 54 years. 

Also on this day:

  • 1935: The Social Security Act becomes law. 
  • 1945: Japan surrenders to the U.S., ending World War II.
  • 1947: Pakistan becomes independent of British rule.
  • 1997: Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh is sentenced to death.
  • 1980: Actress-model Dorothy Stratten, 20, is shot to death by her estranged husband and manager, Paul Snider, who then kills himself.
  • 2003: A huge blackout hits the northeastern United States and part of Canada; 50 million people lose power.
  • 2008: President George W. Bush signs consumer-safety legislation that bans lead from children's toys, imposing the toughest standard in the world.