Tenured University of Colorado professor pulled from class over prostitution lecture

University of Colorado officials have ordered a Boulder professor to stop teaching a course on deviant behavior because of a lecture on prostitution.

CU Provost Russell Moore sent an email to students, faculty and staff on Monday saying sociology professor Patti Adler is being suspended from teaching the class because of complaints from students who did not want to participate in a role-playing skit. Students said they felt their grades would be affected if they did not participate.

The report in the Boulder Daily Camera described the skit. One actor played a female prostitute who was sold into slavery another played a pimp. Alder said the skit "enlivens visibly the stratification hierarchy of prostitutes.”

The report said school officials deny they are trying to force Adler out. Adler, 62, told students the skit on prostitution was seen as a risk to the university.

Adler told the newspaper that she's unsure if she wants to continue to teach in an atmosphere where her job is at risk over a complaint filed by a student. "That is a risk that really scares me. I can’t afford to take that kind of risk," she said.