Teen mom pulls baby out from under New York City cab after accident

A 17-year-old mother pulled her 8-month-old baby out from under a New York City cab after they were both struck by the vehicle Tuesday.

WABC reports Alondra Gervacio and her daughter Perla were on the way to the teen's high school in the Bronx when a cab driver apparently had a heart attack, lost consciousness and jumped the curb.

"I was putting her in the stroller and when I lifted my head up I saw the car coming. I'm like 'Oh my God.' I tried to push her on the side but I couldn't," Gervacio told WABC.

Survelliance footage of the accident shows Gervacio immediately rushed to her daughter's aid, pulling her from under the cab. She told the station she felt no pain at the time, and could only think of her child.

Both mother and daughter only suffered minor injuries. The cab driver was pronounced dead at a local hospital, WABC reports.

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