Student feminists blast frats for speaking out against sex assaults

Northwestern University fraternities thought they were doing the right and noble thing, hanging banners off the sides of their houses reminding students that it was Sex Assault Awareness Month.

But not only was the move not enough to satisfy campus social justice warriors, some SJWs forced the fraternities to issue a blanket apology for their effort, because their signs might have “triggered” some students.

The signs read “This is Everyone’s Problem” and noted that each fraternity “Stands With Survivors of Sexual Violence” and “Supports Survivors.”

ut apparently, simply recognizing sexual violence as a problem and informing your fellow students about the dangers of campus sexual assault—something campus feminists have been exhorting (and, in some ways, extorting) their fellow college students to do ad nauseum —is not enough to silence the clamoring harpy hordes.

Campus feminists published an op-ed, chastising the fraternities for their lack of self awareness in daring to address a “rampant” problem head on, and calling the banners nothing more than a “cruel reminder” that fraternities are cesspools of male privilege and impropriety. Activists even gave interviews to Northwestern’s student newspaper. “To display a banner [saying] that ‘We support survivors’ is really something you have to earn by actually walking the walk,” one student told the Daily Northwestern.

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