St. Louis man intentionally rams home with bulldozer, police say

St. Louis police are searching for a man who drove a bulldozer into a house over a property dispute.

A woman and her two daughters were home Wednesday night when the bulldozer plowed into the home in north St. Louis. No one was hurt and police are searching for the suspect.

"I keep thinking about what if they were in the kitchen grabbing a snack or anything," Jessica Braddock, the homeowner, told She said the suspect is a distant relative. She said there were previous disputes over ownership of the home. "I saw it coming from my window and then he just jumped and ran away," Braddock told

The bulldozer tore a huge hole in the rear of the house and caused part of it to collapse.

Police are investigating the incident and said the person responsible will be charged with three counts of assault and felonious property damage.

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