Squirrel caught red-handed on video stealing biscuit

A squirrel was recently caught red-handed as he tried to steal a snack from a home in New Jersey.

The rodent was spotted in prime view of a Ring camera dangling by its feet with a biscuit in its mouth earlier this month at a home in Mays Landing, a city roughly 20 miles east of Atlantic City.

Seemingly contemplating what move to make next, the squirrel hung around for a bit before jumping to a red chair nearby — with his biscuit included.


The incident was just the most recent in a string of unusual circumstances recorded by the front door technology.

Months before the squirrel was captured making his getaway, a boy in Michigan used his family's home Ring surveillance camera to ask his dad a question about how to change the television channel at their house.

The boy's father wasn't home at the time but checked on the security camera to see who was at the doorbell.