Space Shuttle Sonic Boom Reportedly Helps Foil Car Break In

Who knew NASA was a secret weapon for police?

When the space shuttle Endeavor roared through the atmosphere during re-entry early Wednesday morning, it triggered a loud sonic boom, waking up thousands in the Kissimmee, Fla., reported.

One startled teenager woke up just before 2:30 a.m., looked out her window and noticed two men inside her father's car in the driveway, the station reported. She alerted the Osceola County Sheriff's Office and deputies arrested Justin Dinzey and Melvin Manning, both 18, who authorities say were fleeing from the scene. Deputies say they found items from five different car break-ins in the surrounding area.

"To bad the shuttle program is going to end," Ron Piccinelli, a neighbor told the station. "Because there are plenty of burglars that could be caught by them."