Board members of a Chicago suburban school district were reportedly outraged after faculty and students showed up to a graduation ceremony wearing what has been deemed as “inappropriate” attire under their ceremonial gowns. The incident has prompted the board to consider instituting a strict dress code for next year’s ceremony.

“Morals do start at home, but in the event they’re not at home, the school district needs to uphold them,” Rich Township High School board member Sonya Norwood told the Chicago Sun-Times.

The board members were disgusted by what some of this year’s graduates and participants chose to wear to the graduation ceremony this year, which reportedly included “hot pants, no stockings, 6-inch heels, G-strings,” and other “inappropriate and highly disrespectful” items.

The problem is not isolated, as other public school districts around the nation already have dress codes regarding graduation ceremonies for both males and females.

Some requirements pertain to footwear and proper dress-wear as far as pants and skirts are concerned, with some districts going so far as to ban shorts from being worn under the gown.

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