Rookie Texas deputy fired after shooting farm dog during burglary call

A rookie East Texas sheriff's deputy has been fired after shooting a farm dog during a burglary call and the owner then euthanized his critically wounded pet.

Rains County Sheriff David Traylor on Thursday fired Deputy Jerrod Dooley after the department received threats. Traylor says Dooley, who was hired less than six months ago, used bad judgment and was terminated for his own safety.

Dooley didn't immediately comment Friday.

Dooley on April 18 answered a burglary call near Point. Patrol car video shows a blue heeler in the bed of a parked truck. Dooley is later heard telling owner Cole Middleton that the dog charged him and he shot the animal.

Middleton screams as Dooley apologizes and refuses to kill the wounded dog.

Middleton later drowned his dog named Candy.