Romney: Gingrich attacks on him are 'repulsive'

Republican Newt Gingrich says he does not believe rival Mitt Romney's proposal to allow illegal immigrants to voluntarily deport themselves would be successful, adding that his presidential rival is the "most anti-immigrant" candidate.

Gingrich and Romney clashed in the opening moments of Thursday's debate in Florida.

Gingrich says the United States is not going to yank grandmothers from their homes and calls for immigration policies to be realistic. He adds that Romney is biased against immigrants.

Romney says such rhetoric is "inexcusable" and "repulsive." He says he wants legal immigration and that existing laws must be obeyed.

Rick Santorum says he agrees with Romney's position. Ron Paul says the U.S. needs to focus on the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan, not the one between the U.S. and Texas.