Rolling Stone Retracts Rape Article

A scathing report on a lack of journalism from the Rolling Stone has led the magazine to retract a now-infamous article that alleged a gang rape at a University of Virginia fraternity. As Happening Now, and other outlets have been reporting for months, there were glaring holes in the story. The Columbia Graduate School of Journalism released a report on the article slamming it for missing even basic tenets of journalism. Now Rolling Stone has apologized and retracted the article. Still, no one will be fired. We’ll ask our media panel if that’s appropriate.

California in the spotlight as the effects of a drought in its fourth year continue to spread. The Governor of California said on Sunday that the 25% cuts he’d ordered should be a wakeup call to the whole country as California provides the majority of produce for the whole nation. The New York Times today reporting that farmers are pumping the state dry with legal wells. That may have to change at some point, but Governor Jerry Brown says he has no plans to impose restrictions on farmers even though agriculture takes 80% of the water in the state.

News on the 2016 Presidential race today. Kentucky junior senator Rand Paul expected to announce he’s running for the Republican nomination tomorrow. The New York Times had an interesting piece on the Jeb Bush campaign yesterday. The Times’ suggests a Bush strategy of grabbing the nomination early isn’t playing out as once hoped. There’s also new reporting today that Hillary Clinton could jump into the race in the coming days.. and her campaign this time around will be very different from 2008. We’ll get into all of it.

President Obama defending his nuke deal with Iran to the New York Times Op-Ed columnist Thomas Friedman. President Obama saying “this is our best bet by far to make sure Iran doesn’t get a nuclear weapon.” The President said we have Israel’s back. Critics on the right attacking the deal rigorously saying the President got a bad deal.  Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu says it will lead to a Middle East Arms Race. The White House is launching a massive defense of the deal this week trying to sell it to a very skeptical Congress.

Kenya retaliating today and yesterday against Al Shabab terrorists based in Somalia. Al Shabab attacked a college in Kenya killing 148 mostly Christian students.

Air strikes led by Saudi Arabia have so far failed to push back rebels from territory in Yemen, and some analysts believe a ground invasion could be next.  

Closing arguments today in the Boston bombing trial.

Defense expected to rest in the murder trial of Aaron Hernandez.

The President and First Lady doing an Easter Egg roll today at the White House. Josh Earnest holding a Noon briefing.