Rainstorms Batter California

Wild weather flooded streets, spawned a few tornados and left a trail of damage.

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    Waves Pound California Coast

    Jan. 21: The Pacific Ocean pounds the coastline fronting million dollar homes in Del Mar, Calif. as storms continue to bring heavy rain, high surf and high winds.
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    A View From on High

    Jan 21: This NOAA satellite image shows widespread clouds from California through the Central Great Basin and the Southwest as the last of this week's powerful Pacific disturbances approaches the West Coast.
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    Highway Workers Assess Damage

    Jan. 20: Highway workers in San Jose, Calif. measure water levels after a rain storm. 
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    Californians Try to Stopper Floods

    Jan. 20: Dave Moore tries to find the drain plug in the front yard of his home in Santa Rosa, Calif.
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    California Drivers Fight Floods

    Jan 21: Vehicles plow through a flooded section of the Pacific Coast Highway in Solana Beach, Calif. 
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    California Floods

    Jan. 21: Third grader Nathan Wright, 8, wades in the flooded yard of his elementary school in Palo Alto, Calif. after a rain storm. 
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