Police in Northern California are investigating a high school hazing incident in which a group of football players allegedly beat up a 15-year-old teammate in a locker room, KTVU.com reports.

School officials say seven members of the freshman boys' football team were suspended from Alhambra High School in Martinez last week. The Sept. 29 incident was reportedly captured on security cameras and cell phone video, which was used to identify the perpetrators.

Officials say the players taped the victim's legs together, held him down and punched him several times before reporting to practice without telling the coach. The incident reportedly lasted about two minutes.

"A couple of the players took some shots at him (in) the stomach and the arms," Assistant Superintendent Rick Rubino told the station.

One of the alleged perpetrators planned to post the video on YouTube, the station reported.

The victim told his parents, who notified administrators the next day.

Rubino told the Contra Costa Times that the victim's feelings were hurt but he did not sustain any physical injuries.

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The Associated Press contributed to this report.