Pit bull owners refuse to give up dog after it attacked 3-year-old

The owners of a pit bull that attacked a three-year-old boy in a Minnesota suburb over the summer refuse to give up the dog.

The owner of the dog told Fox 9 that he and his wife feel like they are the ones getting bullied. He said they have put up a fence and the dog has not hurt anyone since the August incident.

However, the family of the young boy say the dog has to go because there are so many kids living in the neighborhood.

The attack at a summer block party in Prior Lake left the boy, Chase, with 22 stitches on his face.

"He's by my side the whole time, within about a foot... and I turn about 45 degrees to throw some paper plates in the trash, and I heard this 'ruff ruff,'" Chris Loney, the boy's father, told MyFoxTwinCities.com. "The dog just came out of nowhere."

The family reported the incident to police, but no charges were filed.

The Loney's received $1,000 insurance claim from their neighbors to help with medical costs, but still plan to file a lawsuit.

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