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  • Photos: Florida feels the effects of Irma
  • Floodwaters surround Gilbert's Resort in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, Monday, in Key Largo, Fla.
  • Motorists drive around a downed traffic light from winds from Hurricane Irma Monday, in Mulberry, Fla
  • Kelly McClenthen returns to see the flood damage to her home with Daniel Harrison in the after Hurricane Irma in Bonita Springs, Fla., Monday
  • A Chevrolet Bel Air classic car sits under a fallen palm tree from Hurricane Irma in Marco Island, Fla., Monday
  • A boy photographs a van in a sinkhole in Winter Springs, Fla., Monday
  • A trailer home with a front ripped off by Hurricane Irma winds is seen near Naples, Florida, Monday
  • Neighbors help each other clear their road of debris in Kissimmee, Fla., Monday
  • A person walks through the flooded streets of a trailer park in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, Monday
  • A home damaged by a tree is seen after Hurricane Irma made landfall in Tampa, Florida, Monday
  • Marie Powell surveys damage to her property at a mobile home park after Hurricane Irma in Naples, Florida, Monday
  • A sinking boat is surrounded by debris in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma at Sundance Marine in Palm Shores, Fla., Monday
  • Mobile homes damaged in the wake of Hurricane Irma are shown, Monday