Phoenix man spends $6 on watch at Goodwill store, sells it for $35G

A Phoenix man turned a whopping $34,994.01 profit on a $5.99 investment after he sold a rare watch he found in a Goodwill store that was grossly underpriced, reported.

"Sometimes they just miss it, they don’t know," said Zach Norris, who will use some of the profit to help plan a wedding. "It's not a very fancy-looking piece. You have to know what it is."

The watch was a 1959 Jaeger-LeCoultre driving watch, the report said. Norris said there were only 900 of the watches ever made. He sold the watch on a collector's website and donated some of the profit back to Goodwill.

"I've found some stuff in the past that I have been really excited about and stoked, but this is one of those things you're like, one day, one day it will happen, and it happened for me," he said.