Philadelphia parents guilty of 3rd-degree murder in death of battered, starved 6-year-old son

A Philadelphia judge has found the parents of a battered, starved 6-year-old guilty of third-degree murder.

Siblings testified that Khalil Wimes (weems) had to endure beatings, run laps and stand in the corner for hours because of his frequent vomiting.

Khalil had spent his first three years in foster care before he was returned to birth parents Tina Cuffie and Latiff Hadi.

They now face at least 20 to 40 years in prison when they are sentenced Nov. 26.

Common Pleas Judge Barbara McDermott rejected prosecutors' call Friday for a first-degree finding.

Defense lawyers argued that their clients were guilty of only gross neglect for ignoring what they called Khalil's medical problems.

Khalil was the second-youngest of his 45-year-old mother's 11 children. At least five were removed from her care.