Officials: Man accused of killing wife with ax on Christmas Eve pronounced dead in suicide

Authorities say a Pennsylvania man accused of killing his wife with an ax on Christmas Eve was pronounced dead after a suicide attempt left him brain-dead.

The Lancaster County coroner's office says 36-year-old Dustin Lee Klopp was rushed to a hospital Wednesday night after hanging himself in his county prison cell.

Dr. Stephen Diamantoni says Klopp was declared brain-dead because of lack of oxygen to the brain. Hospital officials said he was pronounced dead Friday.

Diamantoni told LNP newspapers that said no autopsy will be done. He ruled the death a suicide.

Klopp was charged with criminal homicide in the Dec. 24 death of 34-year-old Stephanie Kilhefner in their Paradise Township home. Police say he cut her throat with a knife and repeatedly hit her in the head with an ax.