ObamaCare 5 Years Later

French officials beginning to listen to the cockpit voice recorder from the doomed Airbus 320 that crashed yesterday in the French Alps. 150 on the plane were killed when the plane went down in the mountains en route to Dusseldorf. 2 Americans are among the dead. French officials say it will take days to retrieve all the bodies. The wreckage is spread out all over high in the Alps. Amy Kellogg and Greg Palkot reporting.

Yemen is begging the international community for help today as the U.S. and the U.K. pullout all personnel. The country is spiraling into civil war. Neighboring Saudi Arabia is sending troops and equipment to the border.

The new Afghan President Ashraf Ghani will address a joint session of Congress today at 11am. He’s expected to thank the United States for leaving some troops in the country.

A court in Italy is expected to issue a ruling on Amanda Knox today. It could lead to her extradition from the U.S.

A Vallejo, CA woman has disappeared and is reportedly kidnapped, and being held for ransom. Claudia Cowan reporting.

Disturbing developments in the Durst case. Vermont officials say he may be involved in a 1971 disappearance. His brother gave an interview to the New York Times today suggesting the Durst family is relieved Robert Durst is being detained. Robert Durst had allegedly been stalking the Durst family.

President Obama set to give a speech about the Affordable Care Act to mark its fifth year anniversary at 10:30am. Our political panel weighs in.

A key vote could come as soon as today in the House on the GOP budget plan. We’ll be watching.

There’s a merger to talk about today. Heinze and Kraft Foods will merge in a deal masterminded by Warren Buffett. Facebook set to give an update today at 1pm. It could be a market mover.     

A new AAA study out today suggests 60% of teenage driving accidents are caused by distracted driving.