Notable decommissioned US Navy ships

More than 15,000 ships have sailed the world's seas while serving the United States and its Navy since 1776. Here are some of the more noteworthy vessels from the 20th century: 


    USS Intrepid

    Seen here off the coast of Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, in 1969, the USS Intrepid was launched in April 1943 and was later decommissioned in March 1974.

    USS Missouri

    A 45,0000-ton Iowa class battleship, the USS Missouri was commissioned in June 1944 before supporting the Iwo Jima invasion. She was ultimately decommissioned in February 1955.

    USS Saratoga

    A 33,000-ton aircraft carrier, the USS Saratoga was converted from the battle cruiser of the same name while being constructed in Camden, N.J. She was never officially decomissioned, but instead sank off the Marshall Islands during atomic bomb testing in 1946.

    USS Nautilus

    The world's first nuclear-powered submarine, the USS Nautilus was landmark in naval engineering when launched in 1954. She was later decommissioned in 1980 and now remains open to the public in Groton, Conn.

    USS Constellation

    Commissioned in 1961, the USS Constellation, a Kitty Hawk-class supercarrier, was one of the fastest ships in the Navy prior to being decommissioned in 1961.

    USS Kitty Hawk

    Seen here in 2008, the aircraft carrier USS Kitty Hawk was commissioned in 1961 and spent 10 years operating from Japan prior to being decommissioned in 2009.  

    USS John F. Kennedy

    Seen here during its decommissioning ceremony in 2007, the aircraft carrier USS John F. Kennedy served more than 38 years of service and 18 official deployments.
    U.S. Navy Photo
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