North Carolina man blows arm off with booby-trapped shotgun, 911 call reveals

A 911 call released by officials in Cleveland County, North Carolina detailed how a man's arm was severely injured after his booby trap backfired.

Edwin Smith, a 68-year-old identified by WCNC, was reportedly hit by his own shotgun Monday morning when the contraption he created misfired as he tried to feed squirrels through the back door.

During the call, which was published by multiple media outlets, Smith told the emergency dispatcher: "I just blew my arm off."

"Please hurry, I'm gonna die," he could be heard saying. "I'm gonna die. I'm in the driveway, I'm gonna die. Just tell everybody I love them, OK?"

Smith explained that a trip wire he set up with his shotgun "went off and blew my arm off."

The dispatcher asked if he could cover his arm somehow to control the bleeding, but Smith said he couldn't.


Another unidentified man is then heard telling the dispatcher he's put a tourniquet on Smith's arm. A Cleveland County sheriff's deputy used a tactical tourniquet on Smith, according to the news outlet, but it's unclear if the man heard on the 911 call is the deputy.

"F------- squirrels did me in, buddy," Smith seemingly told the other man, according to the audio.

Smith was reportedly transported to a hospital. His condition was not immediately clear.