New Hampshire police department refuses to scare boy brought in by father

A police officer at a New Hampshire station Saturday refused to "scare" a boy straight after he was brought in by his father who apparently grew frustrated with his antics.

The New Hampshire Union Leader reported that the father, who was not identified, told Epping police that his son was not listening to him. This was not the first instance of parents seeking intervention at the station. The report said there was a similar event last week when a mom brought in her 10-year-old son who was overreacting that he could not buy a pellet gun.

"Although we can appreciate someone bringing their child to the police department to talk to them and we will always make the effort to talk to them, we're not here to scare and intimidate the child," Michael Wallace, the Epping police chief, told the paper.

The article pointed to other experiences where parents point to police officers and tell their children that the cop will take them to jail.

"What they're really doing is instilling fear of the police into their children," a police captain told the paper.