New Hampshire high school football players suspended in duck attack caught on video

Three to five members of a New Hampshire high school football team were disciplined after video surfaced showing a wild duck being attacked with a broomstick and then choked to death, according to reports this week.

The incident happened in August at a football camp sponsored by Kennett High School, but the school’s response was still roiling the community a month later.

The video of the duck attack was posted online, local media reported.

“The heinous activity of a duck being hit over the head with a broomstick is what ended up happening,” Conway School District Superintendent Kevin Richard told WMUR-TV Sept. 6.

School district members said three to five boys, believed to be 10th graders and 11th graders, had been punished with game suspensions, the Conway Daily Sun reported Thursday.

They were also ordered to perform community service and undergo mental-health assessment counseling.

The paper quoted an eye doctor as saying she was planning to protest the school district’s handling of the incident at Kennett’s football game Thursday night. It’s unclear if the protest was held.

“There will be a PEACEFUL protest at the Kennett Football home opener, in response to many community members feeling the duck incident has not been sufficiently handled,” Sawyer wrote on Facebook, according to the paper.

On Monday the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department issued a statement saying the agency felt the school acted swiftly and appropriately.

“Regarding the situation w/ the children who killed the duck, the media were not originally aware of the entire situation,” the statement said. “The kids involved did receive substantial consequences.”