Mourners release doves to mark 3 months since death of man shot in dark stairwell by NYPD

Friends and family of an unarmed man shot by police in a darkened stairwell at a New York City public housing complex have released doves there to mark the three months since his death.

Akai Gurley was headed to the lobby at the Louis Pink Houses in Brooklyn on Nov. 20 when he stepped into the pitch black stairwell. Officer Peter Liang and his partner were patrolling the complex, and Liang fired a shot that ricocheted and struck Gurley. The 28-year-old made it down two flights before he collapsed and later died. Liang has been indicted in the death.

Gurley's domestic partner, Kimberly Ballinger, says she is trying to stay strong and fight for justice. The group of about two dozen people planned to march Friday evening in the bitter cold.