Mizzou silent on anti-Semitism even as racial strife engulfed campus

Emails obtained by Heat Street show the shocking lack of interest University of Missouri faculty showed in anti-Jewish racism – and the totally different way the college treated racism towards African-Americans.

Last fall, as a handful of racist incidents and subsequent protests sent the University of Missouri into chaos, the members of the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity reached out to police about a possible hate crime. Their window had been kicked in, the fraternity reported, and they feared it was because they are a Jewish fraternity.

The university’s chief of police emailed Cathy Scroggs, the vice chancellor for student affairs, about the frat’s concern on Oct. 17. Scroggs forwarded the note to Chancellor Loftin Bowen, adding: “Perhaps an over reaction by the fraternity, but this is the world we live in right now.”

A review of 7,400 pages of university correspondence sent last fall during the crisis on campus shows that the university downplayed allegations of anti-Semitism on campus, even as it vocally responded to incidents reportedly targeting black and other minority students.

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