Millionaire Arrested After Allegedly Using Stolen Credit Card to Buy Pizza

DAVENPORT, Fla. -- A Michigan dentist -- who bragged his net worth was between $3 million and $4 million -- was arrested in Florida after he allegedly stole a college student's lost credit card and used it to buy two pizzas, the Orlando Sentinel reported Sunday.

Harrun Majeed, a military veteran and college student, dropped his credit card Saturday evening in a parking lot in Davenport, Fla., about 40 miles southwest of Orlando.

He soon realized the card was missing and called his credit card company to cancel it, the paper said.

When a company representative told Majeed that someone had used the card to make a purchase at Mia Pizza Pasta Kitchen -- in the same shopping center where he dropped the card -- Majeed called police.

Polk County Sheriff's deputies went to the restaurant and found Richard Lewis Ludwig, 54, waiting for two large pies with extra olives.

Ludwig, a Michigan dentist visiting Florida for his son's baseball tournament, admitted that he found Majeed's card in the parking lot and used it to pay for the $40.64 bill, police said. He reportedly had $250 in cash on him at the time.

When asked if he was facing financial problems, Ludwig laughed and said "absolutely not," according to police. He then told deputies his net worth was between $3 million and $4 million, the Sentinel said.

Ludwig faces credit card theft and forgery charges, as well as counts of impersonating and attempting to use the identity of another person without consent.