Military judge weighs arguments over restrictions on female guards at Guantanamo prison

A military judge is hearing arguments on whether to make permanent a temporary order limiting the use of female guards to move prisoners around the Guantanamo Bay prison.

Thursday is the fourth day of a pretrial hearing for Abd al-Hadi al-Iraqi (AHB'-dahl HAH'-dee ahl-ee-RAH'-kee) at the military base in Cuba. The Associated Press is covering it from a video feed at Fort Meade, near Baltimore.

Hadi asserts that his Muslim faith prohibits men from having physical contact with females other than their wives and close relatives.

The commander of the top-secret unit where Hadi is housed testified Wednesday that removing female guards from escort teams could jeopardize the safety of his operation by limiting staffing options.

Some female soldiers have filed gender discrimination complaints over the issue.