Michigan skydiver strikes tree, woman in fatal accident

A veteran skydiver was killed in Michigan after attempting a difficult stunt that ended with him striking a tree and a pedestrian.

Kenneth Ryan Bernek, 34, of Waterford, was trying a “swooping” maneuver in the skies over Ray Township on Saturday before he lost control. The stunt requires a skydiver to fly close to the ground at a high speed for a long distance, one of his colleagues told the New York Daily News.

Michigan state police say Bernek, who is a member of the Midwest Freefall Sport Parachute Club, hit into a tree before colliding with a 53-year-old woman who was in the landing area.

It was not clear why the woman was in the landing area, but she is expected to be released after being sent to a hospital for treatment of non life-threatening injuries, the Macomb Daily reports.

Medical responders performed CPR on Bernek after the accident, but he died at a hospital.

Bernek had completed 1,800 dives and joined the club in 2002, the New York Daily News reports.