Former George W. Bush administration official warns America is 'in the middle of a 70s style urban crisis'

Michael Doran says Democrats, far left 'sacrificing America’s cities on the altar of their political cause'

"America is now in the middle of a 70s style urban crisis whose root is a well-founded fear of violent crime and social collapse in the midst of a pandemic," former George W. Bush administration official Michael Doran pronounced on Twitter Thursday.

Doran, formerly of the National Security Council and the Department of Defense, began a lengthy Twitter thread Thursday by saying he had been "exchanging messages with friends about what what's happening in our cities: NY, Philadelphia and LA especially. A lot of disturbing things are not making the news. Even Republicans aren't drawing attention to it."

Doran then quoted a friend who lives in New York City.

"'Here's my neighborhood, Mike: An elderly man, enjoying dinner w/his wife at an outdoor restaurant, punched in the face. A woman waiting for the subway to come stabbed in the back. An older neighbor pausing to catch his breath told to pay two dollars in protection money or get the f--- off that particular street corner,'" Doran quoted. "'This is just the ten block radius from where I live in the last six days.'"

Doran, now a senior fellow at The Hudson Institute, claimed that "Friends in all three cities have seen police officers refuse to get out of their cars while large-scale lawbreaking takes place in front of them." He described Minneapolis as a "smoldering ruin" and said residents of Los Angeles "fantasize" about emigrating to Canada to avoid the turmoil.

"The destructive spiral that has been unleashed by leftwing play-acting at revolution and pursuit of stupid fantasies of abolishing the police is destroying our greatest cities," Doran added. He claimed the chaos had nothing to do with civil rights or racial inequality, but was instead instigated by activists in an attempt to gain a political advantage.

"What’s happening is this: Thirty years of very meaningful social and economic progress in our cities — which has hugely benefited minorities — is being undone by a toxic  coalition of professional ideologues," tweeted Doran, acccusing the Democratic Party and "rich kids in Che t-shirts" for "sacrificing  America’s cities on the altar of their political cause."


"Suburbanites can’t help but see the destruction of the cities as a harbinger of what could be next for them," he concluded. "The question is who can protect them — Donald Trump, or the people who celebrate the CHAZ.

"I know how I answer that question."