Mass. mom: Stolen phone had dead child's only pix

A Massachusetts woman says the cellphone stolen from her car as she visited her infant daughter's grave contains the only pictures she has of the little girl.

Samantha Melanson and her mother, Cathy Melanson, were visiting the Fairhaven cemetery Sunday to plant flowers on the first anniversary of her child's death.

They noticed someone they thought was a jogger near the car, just yards away. But the man reached in, grabbed Samantha Melanson's phone and ran off.

A suspect named Shaun W. Davis was arraigned Wednesday on charges of larceny and breaking into a motor vehicle. A defense attorney says the 26-year-old New Bedford resident denies taking the phone, which remains missing.

Samantha Melanson says she's "baffled" why someone would steal in such a peaceful place. Her mother says she just wants the phone's memory card back.