Man charged in killings of woman walking to car and man sleeping in alley to appear in court

A man accused of killing of a woman as she walked to her car outside Atlanta after dinner with friends and a man sleeping in an alley outside a shopping center is set to appear in court.

Aeman Presley is scheduled for a first appearance in DeKalb County Superior Court on Monday. The 34-year-old faces charges including malice murder, felony murder and aggravated assault in the deaths of 44-year-old Karen Pearce on Dec. 6 and 53-year-old Calvin Gholston on Sept. 27.

DeKalb County District Attorney Robert James plans to seek the death penalty.

Presley also faces murder charges in neighboring Fulton County in the deaths of 42-year-old Dorian Jenkins on Nov. 23 and 68-year-old Tommy Mims on Nov. 26. Both were homeless and were shot as they slept on the street.