Key hearing in Chicago terrorism case over secret records gets rare redo, turns contentious

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A judicial mulligan has taken place in federal court after staff failed last week to record what was supposed to be the only such hearing in a terrorism case touching on surveillance issues raised by Edward Snowden.

The rare do-over Monday at the U.S. 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago started slowly. One judge even said she'd try to recreate the questions she asked before.

But later, a lawyer for accused terrorist Adel Daoud sparred with presiding Judge Richard Posner. Thomas Durkin asked, "Why are you so hostile? Your tone is hostile."

Posner snapped back, "If you don't answer my questions, I get irritated."

The issue is a trial judge's ruling granting the defense access to intelligence-court records.

Daoud denies trying to ignite a bomb in Chicago in 2012.