Kentucky police work to ID human remains found in storage locker

Police in Kentucky are probing whether human remains found in a self-storage locker are those of a Delaware woman who vanished 16 years ago.

WDKY-TV reports Steven Terry purchased the contents of the Corbin-based unit at auction after the unit’s owner died.

While rooting through the bag-filled locker on Thursday with his father, Terry said he made a shocking discovery.

“I was moving some of them . . . (a) yellow bag that was rolled up,” he told the station. “I told [my father] . . . looked like some bones in there.”

After opening the bag and seeing a jawbone and what looked like ribs, Terry reportedly contacted the storage facility’s management , and they then called police.

“A guy worked for me a little while his wife disappeared. Everyone thought he killed her,” the 911-caller is reportedly heard telling a dispatcher in tapes.

Now, police in New Castle County, Del., tell WDKY-TV the remains could be those of Doris Anne Wood, the 42-year-old woman who disappeared on July 28, 1997, during a visit to her sister’s home.

She reportedly never arrived.

“We’re following an active lead. Missing person case out of Delaware. From 1997,” Det. Rusty Hedrick of the Corbin Police told the station.

According to WDKY-TV. Doris Anne Wood’s husband, Robert – who has family in Kentucky – was reportedly questioned in the case, but never charged.

“Corbin police did assist authorities at that time with some cadaver dogs. Believe it was the same case,” Hedrick reportedly said.

Although the 911-caller was seemingly referring to Doris Anne Wood’s one-time husband, it's as-yet unclear whether he owned the storage locker in question, worked at the facility – or did, indeed, pass away, of late.

Meanwhile, as Delaware medical examiners work to positively identify the remains, Terry takes solace that his grim discovery could conclude a painful chapter for Doris Anne Wood’s kin.

“That would be great if a family could get closure from this. If somebody was missing,” he reportedly said.

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