Kenosha sheriff identifies 24-year-old shooting suspect

Vinson has been charged with first-degree intentional homicide

The Kenosha, Wisconsin, sheriff’s department on Monday identified 24-year-old Rakayo Alandis Vinson as the suspect in a Sunday shooting that left three people dead and three others injured.

Vinson is in custody at the Kenosha County Jail and faces one charge of first-degree intentional homicide following a shooting at the Somers House tavern and will likely face additional charges.

"Detectives and other involved law enforcement officers have conducted numerous interviews and collected a great deal of evidence from the crime scenes including the impounding of several vehicles," the Kenosha Sheriff's Department said in a Sunday statement.

24-year-old Rakayo Alandis Vinson (Kenosha Sheriff's Department)

24-year-old Rakayo Alandis Vinson (Kenosha Sheriff's Department) (Kenosha Sheriff's Department)

Detectives gathered "surveillance video evidence during extensive neighborhood canvasses" and "continue to process the crime scenes," the statement continued.

Local resident Azriel Raasch and her friends identified the three deceased victims as Kevin Donaldson, 22, of Kenosha; Cedric Gaston, 24 of Kenosha; and Atkeen Stevenson, 26, of Kenosha, Sheriff David Beth announced during a Monday press briefing recorded by Fox 6 Milwaukee.

The three other injured victims included a 26-year-old male from Kenosha, a 22-year-old male from Wonder Lake and a 23-year-old male from Wonder Lake, Illinois.

Two of the deceased victims were shot inside the bar while the third was shot outside, Sheriff David Beth announced during a Monday press briefing recorded by Fox 6.

"They had no hate towards nobody," Raasch told the outlet. "They didn't hate anybody. It just sucks. It sucks because our city's falling apart."

She added that the victims were "the most kind-hearted, kid-loving spirit[s]."

"It's just so hard to explain because they loved everybody, even if they didn't know you," she said.

Police believe the third victim may have also exchanged fire with Vinson, Beth said during the briefing.

The Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department is still investigating the shooting. Sheriff Beth is encouraging anyone with more information to call the department at (262) 605-5100 or leave an anonymous tip with the Kenosha County Crime Stoppers at 262-656-7333.

"We're very thankful. ... We had people calling in names. Just in case you have any more information you can give us, please don't think we have all the pieces," Beth said during the briefing. "...It's a huge puzzle, and we're trying to put together all the pieces so we can put our suspect away for the rest of his life."

Beth added during the briefing that a lot of criminal activity is moving from northern Chicago to the Kenosha area.