Jury selected for armory shooting trial of Tennessee National Guard recruiter in Memphis

A jury has been selected in the trial of a Tennessee National Guard recruiter charged with attempting to kill four of his superiors inside an armory north of Memphis.

The jury of 10 women and two men was chosen Monday. The defendant, Amos Patton, has pleaded not guilty to the charges, which stem from a shooting at the National Guard armory in Millington on Oct. 24, 2013.

If convicted, he faces no less than 20 years in prison on the murder-related charges.

Prosecutors say Sgt. First Class Patton pulled a gun from a fanny pack and began shooting after he was told he was being relieved of duty and dismissed from active service for alleged misconduct.

Three guard members suffered minor injuries. A fourth soldier helped subdue Patton after he fled the armory.