Janitor canned after allegedly paying two students to beat up 9-year-old

A janitor at a Michigan grammar school has been swept out the door after allegedly paying two fourth-graders $1 each to “rough up” a 9-year-old student who had apparently mocked her during lunch hour.

No charges have been filed against the unidentified worker, but Grand Rapids Police are looking into the matter.

"I didn't believe it. Who would believe something like that?" the mother of the intended target told News 8.


"To think that there's an adult that can be so like twisted to sit there and watch a little boy -- a little 9-year-old boy -- get beat up, and get enjoyment out of it.”

The pre-adolescent pay-off reportedly occurred last week at Grand Rapids Public Schools’ Elementary School Campus.

Mlive.com reports the janitor was a contract worker employed by West Michigan Janitorial Service.

News of the bizarre bribe reached school officials after a bystander overheard the conversation between the janitor and would-be bullies.

The mother of the victim -- also a fourth-grader -- says her son was, indeed, “roughed up,” and she is now considering legal action against the school, News 8/Wood TV reports.

Meanwhile, a school official reportedly said the remark that sparked the incident involved, “a curse word and unflattering comments.”

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