German charged in death of elderly wife, a DC journalist, tells judge he's prepared for trial

A German man charged with killing his 91-year-old wife says he's ready for trial despite a fast that he acknowledges has weakened him.

Albrecht Muth says in a handwritten letter to the judge that he is "willing, able and ready" for a trial starting in December. He says he plans to act as his own lawyer.

The 49-year-old Muth is charged with the 2011 murder of his wife, journalist Viola Drath.

He has been starving himself intermittently for religious reasons, and though he tells the judge that it is "somewhat weakening me," he says he's following the "Holy Orders of the Eternal Father."

Muth also repeated his oft-made assertions that he is a brigadier general in the Iraqi army and that his wife was killed in an Iranian hit job.