From Canada to Florida, corn maze cutter turns ordinary fields into autumnal adventure lands

If you've ever wondered how all those cornfield mazes around the country come to be as harvest time approaches, Timothy Day has the answer.

Over the past couple of months, the Virginia man has cut more than 50 of the labyrinths. Someone else does the designs, but there's definitely some artistry in the way Day spins that steering knob.

As he puts it: "My paintbrush is a rototiller. And a tractor hooked to it."

Although corn mazes are associated with Halloween, work starts long before October. Day's season began the last week in June. Rainy days disrupted scheduling, but still he and his crew have cut mazes from Canada to Florida.

Most mazes Day cuts are 5 or 6 acres, though he's done fields as large as 13 acres.