Friend says Utah doctor on trial for murder hated his ex-wife, blamed her for ruining his life

A childhood friend of a Utah doctor accused of killing his ex-wife says the doctor blamed the woman for ruining his life.

Klaus Fiebig testified Wednesday in John Brickman Wall's murder trial, saying the doctor's life seemed centered around his hate for ex-wife Uta von Schwedler.

Fiebig says he spoke to Wall two months before the woman's death, and Wall asked whether it would be bad if von Schwedler wasn't around anymore.

The cancer researcher was found dead in a bathtub full of cold water in 2011. A medical examiner found she drowned but also had a fatal dose of anti-anxiety medication in her system. He stopped short of ruling her death a homicide or a suicide.

Prosecutors allege the 51-year-old Wall killed his ex-wife during a bitter custody battle. Defense attorneys counter that she could have killed herself.