Former Missouri principal arrested on heroin dealing charges

A former Missouri elementary school principal was arrested Wednesday on charges alleging he had been dealing heroin.

Joshua Foust, 33, resigned from his job earlier this month. He is charged with possession of a controlled substance with the intent to deliver. He is jailed on $100,000 bond and will be arraigned Friday.

Officers arrested Foust after early Wednesday after he arrived in Hannibal, Mo. He had previously been in Texas for something regarding his new job. He told authorities that he would be returning and was being cooperative, Patti Talbert, director of the Northeast Missouri Drug Task Force said.

Talbert also said there is no evident the 33-year-old dealt drugs to students or staff while principal at A.D. Stowell Elementary School in Hannibal.

Foust had resigned as principal Feb. 2 after saying he had taken another job.

Talbert said a tip sparked an investigation that lead to a search of the home of Foust’s 31-year-old brother Samuel last week. Officers found heroin and methamphetamine there and found heroin and methadone in the home of Joshua Foust, his wife and their young son, Talbert said.

Samuel Foust and a third man Ryan Thompson, 32, were also arrested on drug charges.

The amount of heroin seized could have produced around 800 capsules with a street value of between $8,000-$12,000 Talbert said.

The Associated Press contributed to this report