Florida School Enforces Tough Peanut Allergy Regulations

Students at Edgewater Elementary in Florida are required to wash their hands and rinse their mouths out before entering the classroom. Teachers also must ensure that desks are continually cleaned with Clorox wipes. The school has banned all peanut products, eliminated snacks in the classroom and prevented outside food at holiday parties. And last week a peanut-sniffing dog was brought into the school. 

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    Parents at Edgewater Elementary School picket the school over measures to accommodate a student with a peanut allergy.  Photo: FOX NEWS
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    The school board has required all kids wipe down their hands with Clorox wipes to make sure they don't have any traces of peanuts. Photo: FOX NEWS
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    Signs made by parents who are opposed to the new food allergy policy at Edgewater Elementary School in Volusia County, Fla.  Photo: FOX NEWS
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    Edgewater Elementary School in Volusia County, Fla. Has adopted a new allergy policy in reaction to a student with a severe peanut allergy. Photo: FOX NEWS
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