Florida man arrested on charges he beat girl for 40 minutes

A North Florida man is under arrest for beating a young girl for 40 minutes, allegedly because she had skipped school that day.

According to The Orlando Sentinel, Steven Fillingim, 40, was arrested after recording the incident – in which he allegedly beat the girl to the summer music hit “Blurred Lines” -- on a cellphone and sending the video to his now ex-girlfriend, who then turned it over to police.

The child, who was reportedly not identified in the arrest report and whose age and relationship to Fillingim remains unknown, sustained bruises on her thighs from the alleged physical abuse.

Fillingim is now charged with cruelty toward a child and child abuse without bodily harm, the paper reported, as well as other alleged abuse that included additional beatings with a belt and forcing the young girl in question to hold weights and shovel dirt.

Fillingim was initially held in lieu of $15,000 bond, but has since reportedly been released from the Escambia County Jail in Pensacola, ahead of an Oct. 4 court date.

“Blurred Lines,” is a chart-topping song by pop artist Robin Thicke, and one of the summer’s most popular recordings.

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