Families Seek for Educational Vacation Alternatives on Popular 'Hay-Cations'

"Farm Stays" or "Hay-cations" are the perfect summer getaway for suburbanites around the country looking for a way to teach their kids where their food comes from, and connect with the land.

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    City dwellers looking for a unique and rustic vacation destination are packing up their bags and heading for the country to become camping farmers for a week. "Farm Stays" or "Hay-cations" have have been a go-to choice to find a vacation off the beaten path as well as a fun way to teach their kids where their food comes from, and connect with the land. Here kids look on as an instructor shows them the correct way to pick fresh vegetables.
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    Children and their parents enjoy a walk through the pig pen. Guests are always encouraged to get as muddy and involved as they want.
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    A young girl enjoys feeding a goat milk from a baby bottle. Paying to stay on a farm to pull vegtables out of the ground, bail hay, and feed a baby lamb or calf may be just what the doctor ordered for those looking to unwind and have a learning experience while they are at it.
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    Parents with their children look on as it's feeding time for the pigs at Creek Farm.
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    Children enjoy a walk through the vegetable garden where they are able to pick fresh produce straight from the ground.
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    A girl proudly holds vegetable she picked on her own at Creek Farm.
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    Children listen eagerly as they learn how to milk a cow.  Feeding pigs, pulling vegetables from the garden, baling hay and milking cows are all in a day’s work.
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    The barn at Creek farm. "Agritourism" has been a growing trend, though only 8-10% of the 2.2 million farms operating in the U.S. offer some type of farm stay.
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    A little girl keeps a firm grip on a baby chick while her friend looks on.  For the more adventurous, guests can learn how a chicken goes from the coop to the dinner plate - helping out at the mobile butchering stations - scalding, plucking, and even gutting their dinners.
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    Accommodations vary at Stony Farm in Walton New York. Guests generally stay in safari-style tents with flushing toilets. Sleeping and eating on a farm is a common way to spend holidays in Europe, where ties to farming are strong - and in the U.S., the trend looks like it could be on the upswing with more families looking for creative and educational ways to spend their spring break, and summer vacations.
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