Fake bloody legs appear at memorial for Cape Cod shark-attack victim

Officials in Cape Cod are working to find out the person behind the lifelike fake legs that keep popping up at a memorial for a bodyboarder who died there in September after being mauled by a great white shark.

The Cape Cod Times reported that a total of three legs have been removed from the beachside memorial site for Arthur Medici. The 26-year-old died after being attacked while boogie-boarding about 30 yards off the beach.

His death was the first caused by a shark in Massachusetts since 1936.

The first leg appeared in March and the second in June, the report said. The second leg drew some attention because it was bolted into a fence, Chief Ronald Fisette, of the Wellfleet told the paper.

Officials were also interested in how lifelike the two of the legs were. The fake leg found during the weekend was in jeans and had a gash that appeared to produce blood. The report said blood dripped to the ankle. One leg had a “RIP” tag on it.

The report said Medici, who was born in Brazil, likely suffered a severed femoral artery in his leg and bleed out in minutes. The report said a doctor on the beach said Medici died before reaching the shore.

The fake legs were not considered vandalism but were reportedly removed because they were in poor taste.


“At this time we don’t have a charge,” he told the newspaper. “At this time I don’t have enough information.”