Disabled Army veteran kicked off Miami plane over service dog

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An Army veteran who had part of his spine replaced after a roadside bomb explosion said he was kicked off a Miami plane headed to a Wounded Warrior event in Key West because of his service dog.

"I was beyond humiliated," Kevin Crowell, the 20-year veteran who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, told ActionNewsJax.com. "My wife and I had to walk back down the jet way past all the other passengers in complete, just, humiliation."

The family reportedly paid for a rental car and drove back to Jacksonville.

American Airlines told the station it will refund the family the cost of the trip. Crowell told the station that he was first told by the airline that bringing the dog onboard was fine, but he was later stopped by airline personnel and told that the policy is no pets in bulk heading.

"I didn't join the military in the ‘80s and retire in 2013 to be discriminated against, especially in the United States,” Crowell said.