Democrats conflicted on impeachment as Trump advises former White House counsel to skip hearing

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Former White House Counsel McGahn to defy subpoena on Trump's orders, threatened with contempt by House Dems
House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y., says he will hold former White House counsel Donald McGahn in contempt after McGahn said he would not appear at a hearing scheduled for Tuesday. President Trump directed McGahn to skip the hearing, citing a Justice Department opinion that he cannot be compelled to testify about his official duties.

The White House has accused Democrats of wanting a "do-over" with countless Trump investigations following the findings of no collusion in Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation. A frustrated Nadler on CNN accused the White House of "intimidating" McGahn and said it was becoming "more and more difficult" to not consider impeachment against "a lawless president." And despite her reluctance, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi could soon be left with no choice but to embrace calls from some within her party to impeach Trump, one senior Democrat told Fox News on the condition of anonymity.

Lynch versus Comey
Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch has flatly accused former FBI Director James Comey of mischaracterizing her statements by repeatedly alleging, under oath, that Lynch privately instructed him to call the Hillary Clinton email probe a "matter" instead of an "investigation." Lynch, who testified that Comey's claim left her "quite surprised," made the dramatic remarks at a joint closed-door session of the House Oversight and Judiciary Committees last December. A transcript of her testimony was released on Monday by House Judiciary Committee ranking member Doug Collins, R-Ga.

All eyes on Iran's uranium
Iran quadrupled its uranium-enrichment production capacity amid tensions with the U.S. over Tehran's atomic program, nuclear officials said Monday, just after President Trump and Iran's foreign minister traded threats and taunts on Twitter. Iranian officials made a point to stress that the uranium would be enriched only to the 3.67 percent limit set under the 2015 nuclear deal with world powers, making it usable for a power plant but far below what's needed for an atomic weapon. But by increasing production, Iran soon will exceed the stockpile limitations set by the accord. Tehran has set a July 7 deadline for Europe to set new terms for the deal, or it will enrich closer to weapons-grade levels. - The Associated Press

Severe storms rip the Southern Plains
A severe storm system that forecasters warned could bring dangerous tornadoes to parts of Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas ripped through the Southern Plains Monday evening, spawning twisters that damaged buildings and produced heavy rain, but caused no reported injuries. The tornadoes that were reported Monday were in sparsely populated areas. Glynadee Edwards, the Greer County (Okla.) emergency management director, told the Associated Press that some homes in the southwestern town of Mangum incurred roof damage and the high school's agriculture barn was destroyed, but the livestock survived.

Oprah called out for not paying off students' loan debt
Oprah Winfrey responded Monday to an Instagram user who called out the billionaire mogul for not paying off student loans after her commencement speech at Colorado College, in an apparent comparison to investor Robert Smith's now-famous gesture at Morehouse College. The Queen of Talk was told that she “should have paid off their student debt,” and swiftly responded, pointing out her multimillion-dollar donations through the years to help university students.


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