Court orders new trial for brain-damaged man convicted of killing ex-wife's grandma in 1987

The Connecticut Supreme Court has ordered a new trial for a brain-damaged man sentenced to life in prison for the 1987 killing of his ex-wife's 88-year-old grandmother.

The high court released the 4-2 ruling Tuesday, saying 69-year-old Richard Lapointe was deprived of a fair trial because prosecutors failed to disclose notes by a police officer that may have supported an alibi defense.

A lower court in 2012 overturned Lapointe's convictions for capital felony murder, sexual assault and other crimes.

Lapointe was convicted of killing Bernice Martin, who was found stabbed, raped and strangled in her burning Manchester apartment. A judge sentenced him to life in prison without the possibility of release, setting off efforts by high-profile supporters such as writers Arthur Miller and William Styron to prove his innocence.