Competency evaluation ordered in murder trial of 'Hiccup Girl' in a Florida courtroom

A court psychologist is performing a last-minute competency evaluation on a Florida woman who gained fame because of her uncontrollable hiccupping and was later charged with murder.

Prosecutors and defense attorneys were about to start presenting their cases Wednesday morning against 22-year-old Jennifer Mee. But Mee's attorney says he recently discovered that she was schizophrenic, and the judge ordered the evaluation.

She's charged in the 2010 death of Shannon Griffin in St. Petersburg. Prosecutors say Mee lured Griffin to a home under the pretense of buying marijuana — but instead, two of Mee's friends robbed him at gunpoint. Griffin was shot several times.

As a teen, Mee suffered from prolonged hiccups of up to 50 a minute in 2007. Videos of her hiccupping gained her national attention.